dspThe POWER project is carrying out a survey of organisations in different sectors to understand how they make use of digital social platforms (DSPs).

The CAPS-project POWER (Political and sOcial awareness on Water EnviRonmental challenges) is developing a Digital Social Platform (DSP) to assist the development of more effective water policies and governance. The Digital Social Platform will combine evidence gathered from stakeholders with real environment monitoring data. It will facilitate the sharing of progress, knowledge, opinions and best practices in open consultation. It will share knowledge and experience on water scarcity, security, quality and water consumption-related issues in different EU local authorities, thus creating an important tool for EU water policy.

The DSP will be used to share information on water related issues, including those identified by the EIP Water Action Group, City Blueprints. POWER is engaging with policy makers, households and businesses, including SMEs, on water related issues. Four cities are partnering the project as key demonstration cities, including Leicester, Sabadell, Milton Keynes and Jerusalem. Leicester is focussing on flood risk issues, Milton Keynes is focussing on water scarcity, Sabadell is focussing on water quality, and Hagihon is focussing on water network efficiency, loss and quality.

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