The 2nd CAPS Community Workshop organised in Volos and co-located together with the MAZI Summer School 10-14 July 2017, Tsalapata Building in Volos, Greece.


The main goal of the 2nd CAPS community workshop was to gather all organisations actively engaged in design, deployment and promotion of technologies for good, which embraces a number of initiatives within the broader Digital Social Innovation (DSI) ecosystem, in order to debate progress, priorities, and impact for the society. The main focus of the workshop was the user engagement and behavioural changes, while learning about the main outcomes and results of the ongoing CAPS projects. Another major point of the discussion was the DSI Manifesto and the next steps.

The activities of the CAPS week in Volos, included:

  • CAPS hand-on tutorial/ workshops based on their work and results (4 workshops organised and different demos presented). The aim was to join forces and to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and results from project to project and expand the engagement of new communities and users in view of promoting the CAPS beyond the EC borders. Specifically, the following hand-on workshops and demos organised
    • MAZI workshop and demos
    • CHAINREACT workshop and demos
    • PROFIT workshop and demos
    • CROSS4ROADS workshop and demos
    • EMPATIA demo
    • CAPSELLA demo
  • CAPS projects’ reviews (six project reviews took place)
  • CHIC interviewed CAPS projects participated in Volos
  • 2nd CAPS Community workshop

The event attracted more than 100 people that registered and participated in the activities in Volos.

The 2nd CAPS Community workshop organised on the 12/7/2017. The agenda included local, European stakeholders and the event was focus on the active participation of the running CAPS projects. The detailed agenda and the presentations are available at: https://www.comws2.capssi.eu/agenda

Focus of the discussions:

  • The local perspective presented from the City of Athens and synATHINA and the existing model links city government and citizens initiatives for a more resilient city.
  • The discussions focused on the user engagement and behavioural changes included:
  • Applications and services available for the citizens of the City of Trikala, one of the smartest cities in Europe
  • How the citizens’ participation in urban regeneration can make the difference?
  • Can music be the social glue?
  • Citizens science in another perspective of the inclusion and engagement of citizens in DSI
  • Focus on applications for citizens instead of capabilities
  • The opportunities at the EU level and what the support that the European Commission can offer
  • The next steps for the CAPS/DSI community through the development of the DSI Manifesto and the next steps was the final point of the workshop.
  • Next events and appointments for the CAPS community

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