ChiC – Coordinating high impact for CAPS

ChiC is the Coordination and Support Action, amplifying and coordinating CAPS-driven efforts in a broad perspective, contributing to shaping and refining how digital, sustainable and social innovation can penetrate our society. Specifically, ChiC:

  • builds and grows a strong community of active players by providing CAPS stakeholders with effective tools supporting coordination of efforts, communication and dissemination, knowledge transfer, collaborative learning, best practices identification and promotion of outcomes for broad impact in the society.
  • connects CAPS players among them and with related initiatives growing in Europe and elsewhere through active participation and direct involvement of key players all across the community.
  • impacts the society and allow for digital social transformation to effectively change citizens’ lives through coordinated CAPS efforts rooted in a number of actions and events that are involving students, hackers, grassroots initiatives, policy makers and all digital social innovators.

Project lifetime: 01/06/2016 to 30/11/2018


Public deliverables

You can download the public deliverables submitted by the ChiC project in the list below:

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