Make-IT: Maker movement – design globally, manufacture locally

The overall objective of the MAKE-IT project is to understand the role of Collective Awareness Platforms (CAPs) in how the maker movement has grown and operates, particularly in relation to using and creating social innovations and achieving sustainability.

The specific objectives of MAKE-IT are

  • Undertake multidisciplinary research into the role and impact of CAPs approaches on the maker movement. The maker movement exhibits much complexity and variety but includes individual makers, maker communities, maker ecosystems and maker networks.
  • Focus the research specifically on the role of CAPs in three analytical pillars (perspectives):
    • how maker communities are organised and governed;
    • what maker participants do and how they behave; and
    • the various ways this impacts on and adds value to society.

Project lifetime: 01/01/2016 to 31/12/2017

Project details: Presentation (PDF)


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