SciCafe 2.0 – The Science Cafes Netwrok

The SciCafe 2.0 project ended in March 2016.

Science cafés are an informal and innovative way of communicating science and providing for grassroot social innovation and citizens empowerment. SciCafe2.0 supported:

  • A portable Virtual Platform and Observatory for Crowd Sourcing
  • Local and global scale knowledge sharing and co-evolution of ideas
  • Participative management to enable inclusive, e-democratic and co-creative consensus solution-seeking responsive to societal challenges such as global warming, energy, biomedicine, privacy, security
  • Methodologically-guided experiments to evaluate various approaches for engaging the citizens in the democratic consultative process
  • A framework of normative forms and associated models
  • Collectively informed reflective practice at various levels

Project lifetime: 01/10/2013 to 31/03/2016

Project details:


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