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c4rs-logoPublic road infrastructure is one of the most valuable assets of a country, and it has a significant impact on urban and economic development, mobility, and quality of life. Infrastructure quality, monitoring, maintenance, and usage are important issues for drivers, public administrations, decision makers, and citizens at large.

The CROWD4ROADS project tackles road infrastructure sustainability issues: it combines BlaBlaCar, the largest trip-sharing community worldwide with more than 10 million users, and SmartRoadSense, a crowd-sensing system that monitors road surface quality while people are driving. The CROWD4ROADS project raises awareness of the sustainability issues, including road quality and car occupancy rates, and promotes sharing economy or active citizenship initiatives.

Visit the CROWD4ROADS website here.

Description of the outcome

womThe tool is a general-purpose rewarding platform based on a voucher exchange system. A WOM, that stays for Worth One Minute, is a digital voucher granted to a volunteer who dedicates a minute to the common good. WOMs are anonymous, but they retain information on the aim for which they were earned and on the time and place where this happened. Aims of collective interest are established by an ethical committee and the platform is open to be adopted by any instrument/initiative aimed at recognized aims. WOMs are managed by a mobile app, installing on volunteers’ devices, and they can be monetized thanks to third-party merchants willing to reward volunteers (thus giving their own contribution to the aim) by granting discounts on goods and services. Merchants’ Points of Sale can apply filters to WOM metadata (aim, place, time) in order to accept only those WOMs which are more coherent with their own motivations and aims.

Visit the WOM website here

What you need to use it

Volunteers need to install on their mobile devices a free app, called WOM Pocket.

Merchants need to use either a web app, or a mobile app, called WOM POS.

Instruments owners (e.g., no-profit organizations, associations) need to contact to link their instruments to the platform.

Do you want to contribute?

The WOM platform is based on web services implemented by a centralized entity called Registry. Client-side applications can run on any mobile device. Interactions between WOM pocket (the mobile app that manages the WOMs earned by a volunteer) and WOM POS (the app used by merchants to manage payment instances) is based on QRcodes

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