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capsellalogoFor many, agriculture and ICTs are distant worlds, or even totally opposing fields; But, this should not be a given assumption anymore. Thanks to the CAPSELLA project, ICT solutions can be effectively used by farmers, agri-food stakeholders and citizens, in order to actively promote more sustainable agricultural and food production systems.
CAPSELLA is succeeding in putting the farmers and agri-food communities at the centre of technological development: all the tools developed by the project answer to specific needs and requests of the involved communities and have been developed together with them.
The project also opens up to software developers and startups through a series of hackathons and an acceleration program. The acceleration program includes a three-months period of Bootcamp, and after this, selected developers will access the incubation phase: another three months during which they can benefit from free offices, technical and legal assistance, further business training, industry mentoring, services, and fundraising aid.
In the end, by offering innovative ICT solutions able to respond to the needs of local communities, CAPSELLA will create and improve individual and collective interest and awareness on agro-biodiversity, food production and food supply chains. This will be useful for all related communities and actors, but also for all the citizens interested in the quality of food products and in environmental sustainability issues

Visit the CAPSELLA website here

Description of the outcome

Solutions for empowering sustainable farming

CAPSELLA project is developing several tools for its communities; at the present stage it is possible to access and use the following:

  • The CAPSELLA platform including the metadata
    catalogue and the open datasets
  • A tool providing food data analytics, piloted with the
    Greek community of Stevia producers

CAPSELLA Platform:
An innovative and flexible platform supporting all stages of data storage, management and processing through a set of independent, but connected services. The platform serves all the pilot applications the project is developing and can be exploited by external applications too. It includes the metadata catalogue and the CAPSELLA open datasets which are available to researchers, communities through a rich user interface and/or an API (Application Programming Interface).

Food Product Data Analytics:
A technical solution developed for a vertical food production unit: the Stevia Hellas Cooperative. It allows the collection, processing and presentation of information related to Stevia from various sources containing open datasets. These sources are social media, where insights about users’ opinions can be explored and publications referring to latest cultivation techniques that can improve the yield of the Cooperative’s farmers.
This tool helps producers in understanding what their customers think about their product and keep them updated on the emerging farming techniques and related discoveries.

Website of the CAPSELLA Platform here


What you need to use it

The CAPSELLA platform can be exploited by using its available REST interfaces. A basic knowledge of consuming APIs and in particular REST services is required. No specific knowledge is required for using the CAPSELLA catalogue portal.
The CAPSELLA Food Product Data Analytics application targets end-users and basic field knowledge would be helpful for exploiting it.

Do you want to contribute?

Persons interested in the following actions should contact the project team at:

  • Share open data through the CAPSELLA catalogue portal
  • Exploit and/or further develop the CAPSELLA platform
  • Test and provide input for any of the CAPSELLA pilot applications
  • Provide feedback and suggest enhancements for any of the outputs

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