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pienewsIn the European Union, more than 122 million people (about 24% of the population) are at risk of poverty or social exclusion. Among them, 9% of the European population is severely materially deprived – for example, being unable to pay the bills or face unexpected expenses. Moreover, job insecurity, especially among young people, is still a big problem in many European countries, with about 25% of people living as precarious workers, people unprotected by safety nets, and young people who are no longer in the education system, who face difficulties finding a job (NEET).

PIE NEWS project is fostering the emergence of an alternative economic model to fight poverty based on the “welfare of the commons”; the project supports people in experimenting in a participatory approach to welfare provision based on collaboration, enabling them to collectively respond to the everyday problems they face, improving their own lives. The project runs intensive activities with local communities helping them in sharing good practices through digital storytelling, resource and knowledge sharing and bottom-up experimentation.

Visit the PIE NEWS website here.

Description of the outcome

A platform for collaborative welfare provision

pienewsThe platform is the online space for local communities and people experiencing social and economic insecurity where they can meet, communicate with each other, inform and get informed about existing welfare state provisions and share good practices on how to handle poverty-related issues. More than this, is a space designed by people interested in developing a new approach to welfare based on peer-to-peer creation and collaboration, including the creation of a new digital currency to support cooperation and sustain the new welfare approach The platform includes useful information about welfare state provisions offered in the European states involved in the project, about the means for sharing good practices on how to handle everyday life, and about means for a collaborative economy.

Thanks to the sharing of news and knowledge, people engaged in will improve their awareness and hopefully find solutions for their specific situation.

Visit the commonfare plaftorm here.

What you need to use it

You need a connected device (Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop, Desktop) and the enthusiasm to participate in a smart and rapidly growing digital environment. At the present stage the platform is available in four languages: English, Italian, Croatian and Dutch.

To use no registration is necessary. It is only necessary to register by providing an email to contribute new content, assess the content already available and provide input. No particular skills are needed beside a basic capability to navigate content online.

Do you want to contribute?

People interested in supporting the future development of the platform by providing suggestions and feedback can get in touch with the project team at:

  • Info and support:
  • Dutch Pilot: (in Dutch)
  • Italian Pilot: (in Italian)
  • Croatian Pilot: (in Croatian)

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