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nextleapCan we plan and create an internet of the future that put citizens right at the center of its development? What are, first of all, the digital right of European citizens and how can we assure their respect? This were key questions for the NEXTLEAP project. In order to answer them, the project team created, validates, and deployed communication and computation protocols that can serve as pillars for a secure, trust-worthy, annotable and privacy-respecting Internet that ensures citizens fundamental rights. NEXTLEAP tools are built on interdisciplinary studies that advance the state of the art in the field of internet science of decentralisation.

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Technology areas:
UN sustainable goals met

Description of the outcome

ClainChain is a new protocol for messaging developed by the NExtLeap team. In order to be decentralized, secure messaging requires an ability to discover key material and guarantee its integrity. Typically, today this is done via a single centralized and unstandardised service provider. In order to create an interoperable standard around secure messaging, key discovery needs to be decentralized. ClaimChain, builds on both existing work on blockchains while adding new optimizations. ClaimChain has been deployed as a prototype in Python code and as a formally verified code.

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What you need to use it

The ideal user of this tool is a software developer or a citizen with advances programming skills.

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