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logo_headerIn the last year, the makers movement has become increasingly popular and has spread all over Europe. Open software and hardware are at the core of this movement that adds technology and a DIY approach to design and creativity. The MAKE-IT project is aimed at better understanding this movement by answering questions such as: How are maker communities organised and governed, what participants do and how they behave, and what are the impacts they generate and the added value they bring to the society at large?
Beside this, the project is developing tools and know-how to support the movement in becoming more sustainable and bridging with the CAPS community.

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Description of the outcome

Tech solutions for and by makers

TechRadar maps and visualises future technology developments or trends that will impact how makers will create, communicate, organise and do business. With this tool, interested users will be able to better understand which technologies are available, considering not only the solutions developed by makers but also by the CAPS projects and Digital Social Innovation in general. For each technology it is possible to see its level of maturity and the ideal users: there are tools that ready to be used by the general public while other require advanced skills that are better suited to innovators.

TechRadar is based on a database developed by the MAKE-IT project, which still runs and updates it. The users can interact with the Radar by selecting the information they want to visualise accordingly to technological areas and user groups.

Visit the website of the outcome here.


What you need to use it

Once accessed, the TechRadar the user will be able to navigate its content by selecting the interested dimensions on both the axis and radius. In this way, the tool will visualise information about different technologies, their related state of maturity and the user types (innovators, early adopters, etc.). The semi-circles generated by the tool for visualising the information are divided into different categories and can also be changed by the user to focus on specific dimensions or categories, such as what is state-of-the-art for certain user groups or technologies. Thus any user of the radar can easily compile a clear overview by filtering the radar and comparing technology or use types.

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