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openmakerThe 4th Industrial Revolution is knocking on Western doors. This will mean many things, amongst which will be an increasing need of collaboration between the various categories of creatives and producers. In such a revolutionary mind-shift, the  OPENMAKER project has a simple objective: to connect manufacturers and makers, bridging in this way two worlds that will be increasingly connected in the future.

The core part of the project consists in online and offline activities:

  • Offline: the accelerator programme: the OPENMAKER community has launched an Open Call through which €400,000 will be available to fund 20 different projects. Winning projects will be supported in the physical Accelerators located in Florence (Italy), Bratislava (Slovakia), Bilbao (Spain) and the Midlands (UK).
  • Online: the OPENMAKER Platform: the OPENMAKER community will enjoy a dedicated online space and have the possibility to learn, share and connect with fellow community members locally and internationally.

The OPENMAKER project has in its title its mission and philosophy: “Open” because only an open idea of society, ready for intersections and mutual sharing could be the surrounding environment for driving sustainable change; an openness that before of being a practical and empirical effect, is especially a background approach, a paradigm able to shape the way of thinking the present. “Maker” not only because of the social movements that are currently growing and emerging all around Europe, but more generally for an idea of diffused participation and co-creation of the world to come; an active attitude that should be the key for building from below the Europe of the future.

Visit the OPENMAKER website here.

Description of the outcome

Supporting collaboration between makers and manufacturing

The OPENMAKER platform is both a meeting point and a tool to enable an environment for makers and manufacturers that serves as a catalyst for of stakeholders involved in the emergent open manufacturing paradigm. Depending on users’ preferences, the platform shares relevant articles and events which are respondent to users’ needs.
Ultimately the platform aims to facilitate partnerships between users, providing them with a digital space to stay engaged online beyond their participation in physical and community based activities in the local Accelerators. The platform is also useful to learn about the 20 project ideas to be financially supported by OPENMAKER.

Visit the OPENMAKER PLATFORM website here.

What you need to use it

For accessing the platform no specific skill is required, the user will just need to register on the platform and provide some basic information.

More information on the platform are available at:


Do you want to contribute?

Platform members will be able to share their preferences, social media and any other information useful to define the community and facilitate partnerships with other members. The platform also uses a referral system, so a registered user can invite new users to join the community. Finally, the platform functions as the entry point to submit applications in response to the Open Call.

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