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chainreactNowadays, it is very common to buy something that has been produced in the other side of the planet. We may know the brand, the designer and even the company’s approach to the market very well, but all this information is related to the last part of the production value chain: the end product and its marketing. We know little about where the raw materials came from, how the product was assembled, how many small companies were involved, and how the workers were treated.
In the era of the digital transparency and big data, information provided by corporations and firms on supplier networks is still poor.
CHAINREACT provides tools to engage people in the identification and reporting of irresponsible behaviours within supplier networks. Only if people start reporting violations will it be possible to make the supplier network more transparent, understandable, and just.
The involvement of people and workers could really give a start to more virtuous and fair practices in which the corporations themselves will start taking care about transparency while citizens and policy makers could ask for it out loud.

Visit the CHAINREACT website here.

Description of the outcome

Enabling a fair, transparent supply chain

thewhistleOften civil society is the key of the change, but it is not always easy to let people become part of the change they want to see. To support citizens in improving global conditions for workers in every part of the planet, digital technologies can make the difference.

CHAINREACT is developing a human rights reporting app called The Whistle. The app supports the reporting of corporate behaviours: people can report violations they are aware of and submit them on The Whistle in a secure and trustworthy way. Then, the platform performs a report verification in order to create a critical source of information for anybody who needs to access information on corporate behaviour. NGOs are part of the process providing cross-referred information.
The aim is to push companies to improve themselves adopting fair behaviours drastically reducing workers rights’ violations. NGOs and political parties are already supporting CHAINREACT, because change can only happen if people start reporting.

Visit the website of The Whistle here.

What you need to use it

Citizens and workers can assess The Whistle by their PC or mobile phone, they only need an internet connection. The Whistle is still in a testing phase: a first version will be released soon. Visit the website to be informed about next releases.

Do you want to contribute?

The Whistle is still in a testing phase: a first version will be released soon. Visit the website to be informed about next releases.

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