insciThe INSCI 2017 (Internet Science conference 2017) was the 3rd edition of the conference, organised in Thessaloniki, 22-24/11/2017. The programme included several workshops and the theme of the conference this year was Next Generation Internet. The conference was delved into technical and social approaches towards a more open, interoperable, human centric, democratic and trustworthy Internet that will be more conducive of social innovation and provide better services, more intelligence and promote greater involvement and participation, in line with the goals of the Next Generation Internet Initiative. The ultimate goal was to provide the sociotechnical means, in order to exploit the full potential of the Internet for the society and the economy.

CHIC was invited to presented at the plenary session the DSI Manifesto (22/11/2017). During the presentation, Stavroula Maglavera took the opportunity to present the DSI Manifesto and its importance for the future and the Next Generation Internet. The DSI Manifesto aims at fostering civic participation into democratic and social processes, increasing societal resilience and mutual trust as core element of the Digital Society. It provides recommendations for policy makers, to drive the development of the European Digital Single Market to fulfil first and foremost societal and sustainability challenges with the help and engagement of all citizens.

The plenary session and the presentation attracted more than 100 people.

In addition, CHIC and Stavroula Maglavera invited to presented CAPS activities and the DSI Manifesto at the workshop titled: Digital Social Innovation/Civic Tech, a topic EU-USA collaboration in research. Stavroula presented the CAPS initiative, the various support and coordination activities that are being pursued in order to ensure broader impact of individual projects and organisations, stressing the similarities of CAPS and the DSI Manifesto with the Civic Tech activities in USA. A discussion followed based on the above and exploring the possibilities of joint deployment of Digital Social Innovation.


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