ngiforum2018CHIC participated in the NGI Forum 2018, which held in Porto and made a presentation of its activities and results at the workshop titled : AN INTERNET THAT EMPOWERS INDIVIDUALS AND UNLEASHES THE POWER OF DATA.
CHIC presented the work done within the DSI Manifesto, which aims to set out the opportunities and challenges and to define the measures needed to maximise the benefits and overcome the hurdles that stand in the way of its expansion and success.
The areas of intervention during the NGI Forum included issues tackled by the DSI Manifesto and to present current work and opportunities for the community and to focus on future steps, actions and policy recommendations needed to be addressed within the next 10 years within the European Next Generation Internet scene, including the DSI and CAPS communities and results. It was appreciated the work implemented through CAPS/DSI and CAPS-like efforts and was discussed how their results to be integrated and aligned with the NGI activities.

You can download the presentation here (PDF)

The report of the NGI Forum 2018 could be consulted here/

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