cost-wsA joint workshop of co-operation between the European Commission’s Next-Generation Internet Unit of DG Communication Networks Content and Technologies and the COST (European Cooperation in Sciences and Technologies) Actions was held in Brussels on the 12th and 13th September. The forum networked internet development projects from both programmes. COST and EC officers from the Next Generation Internet unit were present.
Outstanding individuals were selected to attend: representing a range of disciplines and internet expertise, including innovators, researchers, academics, activists.
The workshop joined new voices to contribute to the growth and success of an NGI initiative. It will be an open space bringing together different stakeholders working on the internet of the future, gathering insights from various scientific fields. Participants represented:

  • Relevant Horizon 2020 projects
  • Relevant COST Action H2020 participants from all over Europe.
  • DG Connect Policy/Programme Officers
  • COST Scientific Committee,
  • Digital Start-ups or NGOs from social innovation field
  • EUREKA (CELTIC Plus) industry and technology staff
  • Other relevant stakeholders (eg from the Application Developers Alliance, DigitalEurope, European Internet Forum, Internet of Things experts, activists for the Internet of Value etc.)

CHIC was represented by Stavroula Maglavera (Univ of Thessaly) and presented the current version of the DSI Manifesto and the endorsement process. All participants invited to endorse the DSI Manifesto.

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