empoderalive17EmpoderaLive in Malaga on September 11th and 12th, 2017

EmpoderaLIVE is an international event which year after year has become an important appointment for the social innovation community. International guest speakers such as Jack Dorsey (co-founder of Twitter) and David Kobia (co-founder of Ushahidi) attended. This year, Bas Van Abel founder of FairPhone attended. The 2017 edition took place in the Echegaray Theatre in Malaga, Spain.

The two day event saw the participation of approximately 250 people, while the online streaming was followed by more than 574 people.

As stated by the organizers Fundación Cibervoluntarios, “EmpoderaLIVE provides the opportunity to get to know the people who are building the future right now. It also allows putting faces on the names of those scientists, activists, innovators, and curious people at the forefront of innovation with a social impact that contribute to improving the world. EmpoderaLIVE aims to promote, inspire and adapt the social use of new technologies in favour of social innovation and citizen empowerment through the vision and projects of experts and organizations worldwide.”

See the event report available here (PDF file)

The event was covered by national and local press and was presented through a press conference . In the above-mentioned report it is possible to find more details regarding the press coverage, and  the Twitter and Facebook impact (see figure below for a snapshot).empodera

ChiC was represented by Antonella Passani (T6 Ecosystems) and the event was an excellent opportunity to present the project work and the Digital Social Innovation Manifesto. Dr. Passani was asked to participate in a panel along with other CAPS projects (DSI4EU, PieNews, CHEST, MakingSense and Socratic). In her speech, she described the CAPS ecosystem and, stressed the need to better describe its social and political impact. Dr. Passani, described the work done so far by ChiC by mapping and describing CAPS’s good practices and she also presented the DSI Manifesto and invited the participants to endorse it. The ChiC project and the Manifesto were mentioned in her short CV which was included in the online programme and also included in the online event report.


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