Connected Techonologies for Social Good Workshop in Brussels

Projects' major impact results: sustainability and networking opportunities

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     Miguel Alarcón 

    We need your inputs for the definition of the topics to be discussed in this session.

    Please list them here as comments and allow all the community’s member to share ideas and express their preferences.

    Thanks for your collaboration!

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     Nicola Morelli 

    We are planning to discuss the creation of an European Network of Open Data Lab, and in fact we would also like to start the discussion on this forum.

    OpenDataLabs are open innovation Labs providing citizens with tools, methodologies and platform they may need to generate new services and social value using open data. In OpeDataLabs people can find knowhow, tools, events, and data to get familiar with open data, to visualise them, to organise workshops and hackathons and to develop entrepreneurial initiatives for the development of services based on open data.

    We believe that several places exist in Europe that are already working in this direction, therefore we would like to start a network to share ideas, experience, knowhow and tools.

    The idea is to have a discussion or to organise a session on it at the workshop in February.

    We accept any suggestions on how to develop the discussion further

    Nicola Morelli (Open4Citizens)



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