This page is the record of all the activities throughout the community listed in chronological order.


If you’re logged in, there’s a status update box before the activity stream where you can post what’s on your mind. Your posts can go either to your profile or to any of the groups you are subscribed to. Also, you will be able to select who will be able to see your post from the selector close to the Post Update button.

Use the Filter on the left to quickly filter among “All Members” activities, “My Groups” only or “Mentions” just to see posts where you where mentioned. For a more advanced filtering, use the filter on the right, where you will be able to show:

  • Everything (default)
  • New Members
  • Profile Updates
  • Updates
  • Friendships
  • Group Updates
  • New Groups
  • Group Memberships
  • Topics
  • Replies
  • New Docs
  • Doc Edits
  • Doc Comments


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