Depending on your selection, this page allows you to:

  • Show all the public groups in the community
  • Show the groups you have joined
  • Create a new group

Each group box will show you a brief description of the group, and you can click on the logo to visit it. In the bottom part of the group box you have buttons to change email settings, join or leave a group.

When you are a member of many groups, tools like the search box on the top or the filter on the right can help you look up a specific group much faster.

Inspecting a Group

If you click a specific group, you will be taken to the group’s page, which will look like the following example.


The group page is composed of the following sections:

  • Home: Where you can see a list of group events in chronological order or even post a group update.
  • Forum: Where you can create a new discussion or even see older discussion topics.
  • Members: Lists all the group members. Group administrators can add or remove members.
  • Ideastream: This is a place where group members can post ideas. Contrary to forum posts, ideas can be rated by members in a 5-star fashion.
  • Send Invites: This is the place where members can invite their friends to participate in the group.
  • Email Options: Where you can set notification options specific for this group.
  • Media: Where members can upload images and videos relevant for the group. These media files can be grouped into albums.

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