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    First awareness raising event in Greece: “Boroume in the Triangle” in view of the World Food Day 2017.

    We join forces against food waste!

    When? – On Saturday, October 14, at 12-3pm
    Where? – At the intersection of the pavements of Vissis & Aeolou streets, Athens, Greece.

    SavingFood (https://savingfood.eu/) will be in Athens on Saturday, October 14, at 12-3 pm, in view of World Food Day 2017 in the framework of our partner “Boroume” actions and of the “Revitalization of the Athens Commercial Triangle”, which are joining forces and are organising a great public awareness raising celebration at the intersection of the pavements of Vissis & Aeolou streets.

    Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in a collective effort and to contribute directly to the rescue and redistribution of food to welfare organizations. We will prepare nutritious and imaginative salads, which will be offered to the “Attica Acceptance and Solidarity Center” (KYADA), with the help of volunteers of the program “Boroume (we can) at Laiki (farmer’s market)” with a lot of positive energy and creativity, to support people in need. The participants and the event in general will be honoured by the participation of the following chefs: Alexandros Papandreou, Michalis Heroglidis and Stelios Mastorakos, who will frame the participants with their creative guidance and inspiration.

    As for our little friends, they will have the opportunity to learn about food waste, volunteering and social offerings through creative and pleasant activities, together with the volunteers of the program “Boroume (We Can) in School”.

    Be there and be part of a growing social movement which saves and redistributes surplus food!
    Start SavingFood today!

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