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    A set of 3 SavingFood White Papers is now available!

    Supporting behaviour change around food waste through:
    📍awareness-raising events
    📍crowdsourcing, ambassadorship and pledges
    📍the SavingFood platform by involving citizens in gleaning and farmer market events

    The first White Paper is about “Supporting behavioural change around food waste through awareness raising events”: In this white paper, explanation is provided of how an awareness raising event about food waste can be organised, and how it can lead to behaviour change among citizens.

    The white paper specifically investigates the change in beliefs and knowledge about food waste with citizens through
    the participation in the awareness-raising events. Results and lessons learned are reported through a self-assessment survey filled in by volunteers and participants from the events in Greece, Hungary, Belgium and the United Kingdom.

    You can access it via the following link: https://savingfood.eu/sfood-uploads/repository/SavingFood-Behaviour-change-analysis-White-paper-I-Supporting-behaviour-change-around-food-waste-through-awareness-raising-events.pdf

    The SavingFood Team

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