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    This is a reminder about the possibility to propose workshops/mini-conferneces and panels for the upcoming Digital Social innovation Fair which will take place on June the 6th and 7th ) kindly hosted by the Municipality of Rome in the Campidoglio.

    We invite you to propose workshops/mini conferences/roundtable preferably linked to one of the topics here below, if none of the topic proposed meet your interest please feel free to propose a new one in the dedicated space of the attached template. Please be aware that the conference will address the topic of technologies for social good from various perspective and that speakers include researchers, policy-makers, digital social innovators and EC representatives.

    We will give priority to workshop proposal that: a) will invite recognised speakers within and outside the CAPS/DSI/SI community; b) give visibility to concrete project results; c) give visibility to the most innovative aspects of the CAPS programme such as innovation in ICT, interdisciplinarity, co-design/co-development approaches, citizens engagement etc.; d) bridge the CAPS community with other communities.

    Workshop topics:
    – Open and big data for social impact
    – Open hardware and frugal technologies
    – Collaborative Making, Art and Creativity
    – Open science and innovation
    – Open Democracy and connected governance

    From a practical point of view, the conference can only host a very limited number of workshops/mini-conference/roundtables and their duration can be of one hour and a half or of three hours (in most cases with the lunch break in the middle). Please provide your preference in the attached template and also indicate the expected number of participants and any special requirement in terms of equipment and assistance.

    Due to the restricted time and space available at the conference the ChiC consortium could propose the merging between two or more proposed events; it would be then up to the proponents to accept or reject the suggestion.

    Finally, ChiC is organising in the evening of the second day what has been called Accelleration booth: in practical terms we would offer the opportunity to interested CAPS projects to meet with potential investors, up-takers and/or experts in sustainability issues and exploitation strategies and present a pitch on their project outputs. At the end of the attached template you can indicate if you are interested in this activity. We will be back to the interested projects with more details.
    Please provide your input by March the 20th.

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