ngiAre you a researcher or an industry interested in topics related to the Next Generation Internet (NGI) programme?

You can contribute to the building of the Next Generation Internet flagship, which is gaining momentum amongst researchers and business operators, but a lot still needs to be done to define and highlight the innovations that will make Europe a central player in the next generation internet.

If you are already a front-runner innovator across Europe, you can now become directly involved in focused discussions, also in view of future competitive calls, in Horizon 2020 and beyond in bringing you expertise and points of view into the framework of developing a human-centric Next Generation Internet.

You can truly Influence the debate on how the NGI will look in the next 10 years by joining the open NGI consultation, available now at The NGI Consultation platform is open to everybody and it has 3 levels of engagement: Reader (to keep abreast of what is happening in the NGI space), Contributor (actively commenting on the discussion channels or taking part in a survey) or Expert – a role that will reward you with increased visibility throughout the entire NGI community.

Your participation will help to identify the challenges related to values and topics you feel should be addressed to fulfil the vision of NGI, as well as potential solutions to address these challenges, and to identify gaps that need to be filled by NGI research and innovation projects. The more information that you can provide on these items in your entries can help to ensure that the correct topics and smaller sub-topics for the smaller projects within the main topics will be included in the current and future calls.

Being closer to the action, you will make the most of your participation in the upcoming H2020 calls for NGI proposals.

Your insights are important to debate at European level key topics on technology, social and economic issues.

We look forward to receiving your insights very soon!

What should the Next Generation Internet look like?

Join us, share your views and follow us on @ngi4eu!

          Upcoming NGI Calls (deadline: 17 April 2018

  • ICT-24-2018: Next Generation Internet An Open Internet Initiative: 3 Research & Innovation (R&I) Actions; EUR 21 Million; 2-3 years; 1 R&I project per topic: Privacy and trust enhancing technologies, Decentralized data governance, Discovery and identification technologies; supported by 3 Coordination and support actions (CSAs); EUR 7 million.
  • ICT-24-2018: EU-US collaboration on NGI: 2 CSAs (EUR 2.5 Million; 3 years); CSA 1: Organise & other support activities; CSA2: A Fellowship programme.

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