toolkitAs part of the DSI4EU project, the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI) and WeMake, a creative community in Milan, have developed the Digital Social Innovation Toolkit.

The Digital Social Innovation toolkit is the result of an experimental programme that, from April 2016 to May 2017, involved makers, researchers, practitioners in workshops, talks and online meetups, in which participants worked to understand how open hardware and maker projects with a social purpose scale.

The toolkit is addressed mainly to makers involved in open hardware projects who can:

1. Share their perspective on scalability by using the DSI Scale tool, a conceptual scale that helps to self-assess DSI strategies considering indicators such as the level of openness or the community engagement.

Six case studies, associated with the DSI Scale indicators, help to demonstrate how to define successful strategies for a sustainable growth.

2. Explore different resources related to subjects that span from social media mapping and the creation of business models that promote openness as a key advantage for scaling, to the use of collaborative approaches to facilitate the integration of diverse groups of people.

You can download the DSI toolkit here (PDF)

or visit the web version here


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