dsi4euCAPSSI is coming to a close, but don’t worry – you and your CAPS projects can still count on support thanks to DSI4EU.
DSI4EU, a sister project to CAPSSI, is supporting the growth and scale of DSI, tech for good and civic tech across Europe through a programme of research, policy and practical support. Over the last year they’ve been running events to support DSI projects, building an Index to understand how cities’ ecosystems support DSI, researching DSI in different social areas and advocating for the field – and you – at meetings, workshops, conferences and online.
They want to continue to help you over the coming six months! 
They’re proud and excited to offer you the following:
  • Promotion of your work through our social media channels
  • Advice, support and signposting
  • Introductions and network-building to others in the field
  • An active calendar of events across Europe.
And there’s loads of ways to get involved:
Over the months to come they’ll be publishing our DSI Index, running a policy event in Brussels, organising a final event in Warsaw, publishing exciting work looking on the future of DSI and continuing to build a strong network across Europe of people dedicated to using collaborative technologies to tackle their biggest social challenges.
They look forward to working with you!

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