October 26, 2016 – October 30, 2016 all-day
Venice, Italy

mazi-wsThe 4 days workshop/gathering on co-housing practices brings together urban practitioners and members of co-housing projects from Zurich, Leipzig and Athens to share their expertise, collaborate and examine the prospect of a realistic implementation of co-ownership models in Athens. The workshop comes as a follow-up of the “sharing ideas for sharing space” workshop in Zurich, http://nethood.org/housing/zurich, and is supported by the MAZI project. The main objective is to address the issues currently at stake in Athens such as the transforming housing needs, the degradation of urban fabric, the social protection of middle-low class and their right to the city; to explore ways of urban resistance to mass investment and market forces in the center of the city through paradigms already tested abroad.  

The complete programme here!

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