October 16, 2018 – October 17, 2018 all-day
Barcelona, Spain

decodeDECODE is hosting a Symposium next week in Barcelona – 16th and 17th October. The event will address the problem of surveillance capitalism and ask how we can reclaim digital sovereignty for citizens.

The DECODE Symposium will seek to articulate a strategic vision of how digital technologies can facilitate the transition from today’s digital economy of surveillance capitalism and data extractivism – whereby a handful of US- and China-based corporations battle for global digital supremacy – to an alternative political and economic project. That project, we hope, will include more democratic, egalitarian, and public alternatives to today’s highly hierarchical and privatized platform consensus.

The Symposium will be a meeting point for two groups: those with a strong interest in economics and geopolitics of technology; and those with a good grasp of current technological developments, especially big data, AI, industrial automation, decentralized trust protocols and so on. We believe that it’s at the intersection of these two worlds that many of the emerging techno-political issues – from global trade to economic national development to the future of welfare – are to be tackled.

Registration and more info here: decodeproject.eu/events/beyond-surveillance-capitalism-reclaiming-digital-sovereignty

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