The Kick-off of the DECODE project was held in Barcelona during three days, from 7th to 9th of February 2017. It consisted on two separate events:

  1. DSI Conference: Data Sovereignty for the Collaborative Economy and CAPS InfoDay

The city of Barcelona has started an exciting Digital Social Innovation (DSI) process and is launching a new round of funding to support, grow and scale an ecosystem of projects and organisations. The purpose of this event was to bringing together social entrepreneurs, hackers, communities and researchers working in DSI fields such as digital manufacturing, the collaborative economy, open democracy and digital rights.

Attendees: 200 people

First panel was conducted under the title “Technology for the common good: growing a Digital Social Innovation Ecosystem for Europe”. Was moderated by Zoe Romano including representatives from Barcelona City Council, academia, social entrepreneurship and policy analysis researchers.

A second panel titled “Shaping the Internet of the Future for a more collaborative economy & society” was conducted. The panel participants included highly regarded researchers from international research centers as well as activist related to Digital Social Innovation.

You may find some of the presentations in the following link:

  1. DECODE Kick-Off Meeting: Decentralised Citizens Owned Data Ecosystem

The DECODE project develops a distributed and privacy-aware architecture for decentralised data governance and federated identities. The platform employs state of the art technology that is intrinsically resistant to malware and hacking, and adopts Attribute-Based Cryptography (ABC) to sensitive information, ideas from Certificate Transparency (CT) for identification, and Blockchain Technology for federated data access, distribution and resilience.

Around 50 participants from 14 partners attended, representing 6 European countries.

A plenary session started with presentation from the EC Officer (Dr. Fabrizio Sestini) related to DECODE in the context of NGI. He explained the EC vision on what DECODE goals should accomplish and challenges to confront and where it fits along the different programs devoted to Digital Social Innovation; Including the expected impact on demonstration and development of a decentralised architecture and creation of a new playing field.

After EC representative presentation, Francesca Bria, Chief Technology & Digital Innovation Officer at Barcelona City Council and Project Coordinator, presented the main outcomes that DECODE project should provide:

  • Prevent the concentration of power in the hands of a few platform operators
  • Represent and effectively use an extended range of data
  • Ensure that people are in full control of their data and identity
  • Create a level playing field for the entrance of new agents like SME’s, coops and citizen platforms to the digital data based economy
  • Preserve the digital sovereignty of European (and worldwide) citizens


Later on, an overview of the whole project structure and objectives, the presentations of each WP (task and deliverables) and the first breakout session (Architecture, legal & economical framework, communication & dissemination) took place.

The second day included a plenary session related to Lean & Agile methodology lead by Thoughtworks and the second round of breakout session took place.

DECODE website will be launch in early May but until that moment you may find some information in the following link:







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