mazitoolkitThe latest MAZI Do-It-Yourself wireless networking toolkit is now online!

The MAZI project has been developing a set of instructions and technical resources to support anyone to create their own community wireless network, independent from the Internet. The newest version is now online to download, along with information on everything you need to make your own network, a ”MAZI Zone”.
The website ( provides a list of hardware and items to buy, links for downloading the toolkit image software and the application software, and instructions to put it all together. There are ideas for what to do with your own MAZI Zone.
The current MAZI toolkit release is V1.6 with the project sources bug tracking and development notes at GitHub. We invite all those interested to get in touch, download and install the development images and contribute feedback and follow our progress. The details of how best to configure and deploy a MAZI Zone are being accumulated as we experiment.

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