In November 2017, version 2 of the MAZI Do-It-Yourself wireless networking toolkit was updated on the MAZI project website. Anyone can download the software and install it on a low cost Raspberry Pi computer to create their own WiFi “MAZI Zone”. Every MAZI zone has a set of pre-installed FLOSS applications, like Etherpad and NextCloud, that will be accessible by those (and only those) connecting to your MAZI Zone. MAZI is also developing specialized MAZI Zone applications such as a Guestbook.

Full instructions, downloads and an overview of the Toolkit can be found on the MAZI project website:

DIY networking can serve two complementary objectives; to improve Internet connectivity in a certain region or local area, and to support local interactions and services. DIY networks can be seen as “organic”: they are created by local communities, reflect local culture, and the data they use can be generated and consumed in the same place. DIY networks can also bring people together, face-to-face, instead of keeping them online all the time. During the MAZI CAPSSI project (2016-18) four pilot studies, in Berlin, Zurich, London and across Greece, will be experimenting the toolkit and exploring different uses of the hardware and software.

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