Hack Integration is the first of 2 hackathons hosted by OpenDataLab Copenhagen (ODL CPH) as part of the Open4Citizens project (open4citizens.eu). With these hackathons ODL CPH strives to empower citizens to use open data for the creation of useful services that can contribute to generate new solutions. This first hackathon aims at finding innovative solutions (e.g. new services, dedicated apps) to support the integration of refugees and migrant communities in Copenhagen.

The HumLab at Aalborg University was the host of this first install. The first hackathon took place on the 7th to the 9th of October, the participants are now meeting again for a post-hack phase in which they will develop and test their concepts.open4citizen

The Open4Citizens project aims at raising the awareness of open data as a future source of innovation, by involving citizens, communities, interest groups and public service representatives,

Hack Integration had 28 participants, of which 15 were female and 13 were male, ranging from 23 to 51 years of age.

The participants contributed to the hackathon with a wide range of skills, interests and perspectives.


During the course of the hackathon weekend the participants kept the same level of enthusiasm and commitment for the main topic, which they found to be very relevant, and for the ideas they were working on. They approached open data and integration from different perspectives, and on the 9th of October they pitched 6 ideas.


One month after the first hackathon the participants met again to work to the design of a Prototype, i.e. a simulation of the service they are proposing, in order to make sure the business aspects of their proposal are developed in parallel with their technical definition. They will meet fortnightly to develop a prototype and explore funding opportunities for their projects.

More information about Open4Citizens at: www.open4citizens.eu

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