ptwistWe are literately eating plastic and everywhere we look there is plastic; in the ocean, in our waters, in the soil. We live in the Age of Plastic and plastic respects no borders. One million plastic bottles are sold every minute on the globe. Producing less plastic, using less plastic, and reusing existing plastics smarter and more actively, is the way to change the role of this interesting material. So how do we act on this before it is too late?
In four interactive talks about plastic, organized by PTWIST‘s Swiss pilot in Lucerne, experts and the audience reflect what could be meaningful solutions and how we move to implement those at the necessary global scale.
  • Wednesday 23.1.2019 –  Plastic & Tokenomics (DE/EN)
  • Wednesday 27.2. 2019 –  Zirkulär O Plastik (DE)
  • Tuesday 19.3. 2019 –  Plastik & Planet (DE)
  • Wednesday 17.4. 2019 – Plastic & Water (DE/EN)
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