By combining car sharing apps with a smartphone’s ability to measure movement and vibration, researchers are hoping to make roads greener.

Using information from a smartphone sensor that measures acceleration, the CROWD4ROADS project will harness data to determine where roads are damaged or uneven.

The project is already available in Italy, Romania, Greece, UK, and started to capitalize on its many pilots. Feedbacks collected have been used in the design of the latest release of the SmartRoadSense app (give it a try here!), one of the project’s pillars. The next version of the app will integrate a whole new gamification layer. Not only useful, mapping the road status will be playful!

In the next few months, the regional pilot coordinated by Marche Region will host a collaboration with an Italian company car-pooling system that will engage employees to share their journeys along with data collected through the CROWD4ROADS tool.

And there’s more. Project partners are eager to announce a new credit exchanging system they designed to facilitate other grass-roots initiatives and projects in reward user’s contributions. More details from the CROWD4ROADS forge in the next releases.

In the meantime, a very interesting article of the EU research & innovation Horizon magazine.

Read the whole article here


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