ec A quick update on the Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability and Social Innovation (CAPS) initiative, plus our brand new EC flagship on Next Generation Internet activities in H2020.

Our 3rd CAPS Call for Proposals H2020 ICT 11 2017 is described here. The Call helps active communities to capitalize on the results of participatory innovation over the next 4 years. Working together, you invent the right models and blueprints for producing & sharing collective intelligence. The big challenge is to address key sustainability areas, leveraging on open data, on knowledge networks, on open hardware and the internet of things. The ICT 11 Call deadline is April 25th 2017. CAPS Call 3 Projects could start working by the end of 2017.

Our DG organizes in Bratislava a big ICT open INFODAY on CAPS and NGI two days before the DA2016 Slovakian Presidency Event (the latter is by invitation only). You are welcome to come to 26th- September to 28th September CAPS meetings. Register here.
An impact assessment book on CAPS was published; a few free copies are available at the CAPS Booth (located in the big networking area B1 booth 5.3). You are welcome to present your CAPS project to the public at our booth. A CAPS Call 3 proposer’s day is scheduled 2pm September 27th, in the Future Networks room.

A brand new grant agreement is under negotiation, planning large demonstration of decentralised architectures, including ethereum pilots to test the internet of value – an area that includes fintech, smart contracts, blockchains, distributed encryption and citizen privacy and empowerment evaluated under Call ICT12b “Distributed Architectures for Decentralised Data Governance”. Over 16 proposals were received, many scoring well above threshold, but due to budget limitations only one project is to start this year.


The Bratislava Proposer’s Day 26 September is occasion to announce a newborn baby activity called NEXT GENERATION INTERNET (ICT 12 2017, Call Deadline April 25th). NGI combines research instruments and policy instruments to develop a vision of where we want to be with the internet of the future. The baby is expected to grow into a big flagship targeting the most promising internet innovations. After the ICT Bratislava events (the H2020 INFODAY 26-27, CAPSSI September 28th and DAA on 29-30 September) the CAPS plan is to work together as a programme and to have a CAPS session at the SMART CITY EXPO 15-17 November in Barcelona.

Questions about the activities above? Write to CNECT-E3[at]ec.europa[dot]eu

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