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socratic_logoDigital Social Innovation (DSI) is definitely one of the key ideas of our time, but how can it be fostered to improve our societies and reach systemic change?

In order to support the recognition of the innovation and its development, SOCRATIC provides citizens and organizations a collaborative space to identify innovative solutions to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations though a whole new Social Innovation Cycle.

Through the use of a collective platform, citizens and organizations will be supported in a Social Innovation cycle to become change makers by designing and implementing creative ideas using services and tools provided by the project.

Visit the SOCRATIC website here.

Description of the outcome

Collaborating for a sustainable society

To transform an innovative idea into reality, it has to be supported, facilitated and guided. The SOCRATIC platform allows a single person, or a group of people, to define the innovative ideas and work on the problems of identifying and finding solutions enabling agile social innovation process.

Innovators not only can work on their own ideas, they can also engage in collective decision making processes, discuss and then collectively work on the best ideas to emerge. The final goal is to find viable solutions towards the Sustainable Development Goals developed by the UN.

What you need to use it

The SOCRATIC platform is currently under the pilot testing phase. It will be available for all citizens in March 2018 and will only need Internet access, computer and basic ICT skills to use it, and of course the ideas to generate challenges to be solved through collective intelligence and citizen collaboration.

Once the platform is open to the public, it will be available for all citizens; Socratic provides an integrated solution on how to follow the Social Innovation process easy to understand with the following steps:

  1. you can propose challenges to achieve the sustainable development goals
  2. invite others to participate with innovative ideas to solve these challenges: thanks to collective intelligence you will select the best ones.
  3. You can contribute with others challenges in finding innovative solutions
  4. Start your whole social innovation process: ideation, iteration, prototyping, sustainability, and scalability to transform the challenges into solutions generating social impact.

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