savingfoodWere you hooked up by our approach? Are you part of a redistribution organisation or do you know one that could be interested in our solution?

Here is the ultimate guide to replicate our ICT solution and our overall behavioural change strategy.

If your organisation works on making your community more sustainable, building stronger relations between producers and consumers, and reducing food surplus, you might want to consider implementing the SavingFood platform.

The SavingFood platform aims to help three key groups – donors, recipient organisations, and volunteers – by means of an online platform in order to foster collaboration between food donors and recipient organisations based on knowledge sharing and make collection of surplus food and leftover crops efficient and scalable.

By implementing the SavingFood platform in a new country, city or community, you can:

  • Find more diverse range of donors in the network and sources of food surplus
  • Involve more volunteers in redistributing activities, such as gleaning, farmers’ market leftover food collection and food redistribution
  • Use more effectively the pool of available volunteers in light of availabilities and abilities
  • Contact more farmers so you will be able to organise more gleaning days
  • Increase participation of volunteers in gleaning activities
  • The SavingFood platform was tested in Belgium, Greece, Hungary, and the UK

This handbook contains the information necessary to use and localise the SavingFood approach: namely the SavingFood platform, as well as the behaviour change methodologies that come hand in hand to achieve a successful replication.

Find out more and download our SavingFood Replication handbook here:

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